street Leśna 38

07-200 Wyszków

tel. 29 643 20 85
fax: 29 643 20 65

It is our pleasure to inform that we have started a new low-temperature galvanization line at our Wyszków branch. The low-temperature zinc coating service is technology enabling protection of parts responsible for safety and working under high loads. This method makes it possible for long-term protection of parts against corrosion, and the coat does not require maintenance, as paint coats do. It is also characterized by greater resistance to mechanical damage than galvanized coats. Due to the launch of the automated production line and installed zinc coating centrifuge, excess zinc deposition has been eliminated, among other things. This makes it possible to achieve repeatability of produced coatings and to zinc-coat small parts such as: washers, chains, clamping rings, stays, etc. In addition, parts do not require additional processing, which significantly shortens the zinc coating process and enables their use immediately after its completion. This method is considered to be one of the best forms of anti-corrosion protection, and its performance in compliance with PN-EN ISO 1461 guarantees a coating of the highest quality for you.
We invite you to take advantage of this new service !