When sending a construction for galvanization, pay special attention as to whether:

 The construction is properly designed for hot-dip galvanization.

 The steel is appropriate for hot-dip galvanization.

 The dimensions of the part fit within the dimensions of the galvanizing vat.

 Technological holes are provided – for deaeration and drainage.

 Lugs or holes have been prepared for suspending the part.

 Constructions are delivered without any paint, oil, anti-chip welding agents, etc.

 Additional clearance is provided for moving parts like hinges, etc.

 Weld tightness has been checked – you will avoid acid leaks in the future.

 Make constructions using material with similar wall thicknesses.

 Avoid designing contacting surfaces.

 Permanently secure spots that should not be galvanized (e.g. threaded joints, fitted joints, places prepared for later welding or other surface treatment) against galvanization, e.g. using two-ingredient paint, preferably 48 hours prior to the hot-dip galvanization process.

Hot dip galvanizing


To avoid confusion and make it easier for our customers to place orders, we have prepared a set of documents that make the order preparation process faster and easier.

Customer Guide part 1

Customer Guide part 2

Customer Guide part 3

Sample ordering galvanizing service

Examples of structure technologization

Technological requirements