Machining is based on producing a part with specific dimensions and shapes while preserving the appropriate dimensional and shape accuracy as well as surface roughness of the part. Excess material is removed during machining in the form of chips. Machining is a method of forming objects through removal of material. Thanks to machining, objects with very complicated shapes and low surface roughness can be obtained with very high dimensional and shape accuracy – which is why machining processes play a central role in machine technology.

Welding of steel structures

Welding of steel structures can be done using the following methods:

  • MIG/MAG – this technique is based on generating an electrical arc between the welding head and material. The arc is shielded by mechanical gases that may be neutral (argon) or chemically active (carbon dioxide);
  • TIG – welding of e.g., stainless steel using a tungsten electrode and neutral gas shield, usually argon;

Loader-excavator services

We offer professional loader-excavator services.

The company’s offer covers all services related to a loader-excavator, starting from preparation of land for a construction site to leveling of earth.

The company renders loader-excavator services in the area of Czarna Białostocka, above all, in such towns as: Czarna Wieś Kościelna, Klimki, Oleszkowo, Chmielnik, Niemczyn, Horodnianka, Złota Wieś and surrounding areas.