The “Dzik” [Boar] mini-spreader from Cynkomet is one of the most surprising and uncompromising solutions available on the market. The guiding concept of the mini-spreader’s designers was to meet the growing demand of owners of gardening machines with specifications far removed from those of traditional agricultural tractors.

Dzik – Mini-spreader

The machine is equipped with a mechanical drive transmitted from the driving wheels, which can be connected to a garden tractor or ATV.

The “Dzik” is perfectly suited for farms with livestock headcounts of no more than 10 animals (cows, horses, sheep).

It is also the perfect solution for orcharders.

The mini-spreader is characterized by a simple and failure-free structure based on brand-name subassemblies and hot-dip galvanized steel elements.

Standard equipment

A2H blade adapter powered by driving wheels;

mechanical advance powered by driving wheels;

rear wall in front of adapter;

“hook” or ball-type hitch;

drawbar support with rubber-coated wheel;

adapter guard;

Technical specifications

  • 410kg
  • 3070mm
  • 1380mm
  • 1090mm
  • 800kg

Detailed specifications

  • 512mm
  • 700mm
  • 1560mm
  • rigid
  • 1,05m2
  • 3mm
  • -
  • -KM
  • 15km/h
  • 1120mm
  • 23x8,50-12
  • 480mm
  • 0,6m3