The N-221/3-8 spreader, in the bulk conveyor version, is an agricultural machine intended for transport of broadly construed bulk feeds. Its working volume of 23m3 guarantees effective work, and the mesh front wall makes it easier to control loading and unloading of feed.

Spreader N-221 10 TON Transporter

It features a hot-dip galvanized load-bearing frame adapted from the 12T model, a 4mm-thick floor and walls 2.5 mm thick, guaranteeing reliability for many years of use.

The high-grade steel applied for elements of the conveyor and adapter is a quality guarantee.

The suspension of TANDEM type on parabolic leaves ensures optimum driving characteristics.

Standard equipment

two horizontal shredding drums and two spreading plates;

rear wall raised hydraulically;

pneumatic brake system;

tandem suspension on parabolic leaf springs;

12V lighting installation

Optional equipment

articulated PTO shaft;

spare wheel

Technical specifications

  • 6065 kg
  • 8375mm
  • 2475mm
  • 3410mm
  • 9615kg

Detailed specifications

  • 1800mm
  • 2080mm
  • 5460mm
  • wahacze
  • -m2
  • -mm
  • -
  • 120KM
  • 40km/h
  • 1800mm
  • 550/60-22,5
  • 1610 mm
  • 20,4m3