The N 233/4 3.5 ton single-axle spreader for manure, peat and compost is the most frequent choice of smaller farms, looking for machines with the best price to quality ratio. The hot-dip galvanized structure and 2.5mm-thick trapezoidal floor or 3mm-thick straight floor guarantee reliability and durability for many years of use. Only high-grade steel has been applied for manufacturing of the conveyor’s and adapter’s parts, which guarantees the highest quality and absence of failures. The application of a mechanical 9-speed feed drive ensures an optimal combination of precision, durability and operating costs. Coupling with older and less efficient models of agricultural tractors is also possible.

Spreader N-233/4 3,5T

The application of a rigid joint between the axle and frame substantially increases the structure's durability while simultaneously ensuring optimal driving properties.

The option of selecting an adapter with vertical or horizontal shafts makes it possible to adapt spreading parameters to the needs of the specific farm.

A simple and convenient side opening mechanism is applied in the N221/4-1 and N221/4-2 models, which reduces the height of the loading threshold.

After replacing the adapter with a rear wall, the spreader can be adapted to a self-dumping trailer.

A hydraulically raised bulkhead wall separates the cargo in the cargo box from the spreader’s adapter. Spreaders have new and complete wheels.

Spreading adapter options:

A2HS – two horizontal drums with worms

A4VS – four vertical drums with worms

Standard equipment

side walls 500 mm;

pneumatic braking system;

folding drawbar support with a steel wheel;

hand brake with crank;

front protective mesh;

12V lighting installation

Optional equipment

additional 500 mm extensions (extensions with rear wall);


for bulk self-unloading trailer;

additional rear wall 500 mm;

wooden floor;

rear hydraulic shutter;

manure spreaders

Technical specifications

  • 1380kg
  • 5770mm
  • 2060mm
  • 2600mm
  • 3500kg

Detailed specifications

  • 500mm
  • 1720mm
  • 3960mm
  • -
  • -m2
  • -mm
  • -
  • 45KM
  • 30km/h
  • 1450mm
  • 11,5/80-15,3
  • 1040mm
  • 6,8m3