The N-264 spreader is the largest spreader in CynkoMet’s product range, intended for professionals, on TANDEM suspension resting on parabolic springs, and it is a universal agricultural machine intended for spreading of manure, lime, peat, compost and chicken manure. The hot-dip galvanized load-bearing frame and adapter, painted shell box made of sheet; 4mm-thick floor and 3mm thick walls, immersion-primed and painted, guarantee reliability and durability for many years of use.

Spreader N-264 12T

The shell box enables transport and spreading (semi-fluid) of manure directly from the manure plate.

A newly patented solution for tensioning the conveyor’s chains ensures that manure does not leak after loading during travel to the field.

The high-grade steel applied for elements of the conveyor and adapter is a guarantee of durability and reliability.

The adapter with two horizontal shafts ideally shreds every type of manure, and two plates spread it evenly over a width of up to 25m. The spreader has new and complete wheels.

Standard equipment

two horizontal shredding drums and two spreading plates;

side walls 1150 mm;

tight cargo box;

rear wall raised hydraulically;

pneumatic brake system;

tandem suspension on parabolic leaf springs;

12V lighting installation

Optional equipment

rear-view camera;

hydraulic support;

metallic lacquer;

articulated shaft

Technical specifications

  • 4980kg
  • 7850mm
  • 2410mm
  • 2900mm
  • 12000kg

Detailed specifications

  • 1150 mm
  • 2140mm
  • 5500mm
  • wahacze
  • -m2
  • -mm
  • -
  • 120KM
  • 40/8km/h
  • 1800mm
  • 550/60-22,5
  • 1460mm
  • 13,5m3