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CynkoMet sp. z o.o. was registered in 2003, but our tradition of agricultural machinery production dates back to 1956. We are a company with a production, trade, and service profile. Our specialty is hot-dip galvanizing. Many years of experience and perfect technology make us industry leaders in the region.

11,74 ha

of our land

35 300 m2

of our buildings


years of experience



Our services include, above all, galvanizing steel structures and the production and sale of agricultural machinery. In addition, we offer chipping, welding of steel structures, painting, shot blasting, and backhoe loader services.


Certificates of implementation and application of the Quality Management System compliant with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard in the scope of:

We apply the Quality Management System Policy
(Download Politykę Systemu Zarządzania w PDF)

Hot-dip galvanizing of large structures and small steel elements
(Download Certyfikat ISO 9001 2015 CynkoMet w PDF)

Production and sale of agricultural machinery. Research and Development Center for Agricultural Technologies
(Download Certyfikat ISO 90012015 EN w PDF)

Prizes and awards

Our professionalism and commitment as well as the satisfaction of our clients have allowed us to win awards, among others, by Forbes, Business Cheetahs, or the Podlasie Golden Hundred of Enterprises.


1954 r.

Precision Products Factory

1956 r.

One-axle manure spreader RT1

1957 r.

Wide hammer thresher DWJ-1,6

1958 r.

Rotary electric washing machine "Ewa"
"Snow White" fridge

1961 r.

SZRON household refrigerator
FROST LUX 125 refrigerator

1962 r.

Manure spreader-trailer RT-20

1967 r.

Modernized types of manure spreaders N-208 and N-211

1973 r.

Agricultural machinery factory "AGROMET"

1984 r.

Two-axle spreaders on rockers N-235
Single axle trailer
Single-axle tipper T-07

1985 r.

Single-axle spreaders N-233
Two-axle trailer
T-076 three-way tipper

1986 r.

Trailer on TANDEM chassis
T-079 three-way tipper

1987 r.

Static seat belts for passenger cars produced in FSO Warszawa

1988 r.

Two-axle spreaders on springs N-235
Inertial seat belts for passenger cars manufactured in FSO Warszawa

1989 r.

T-104 and T-105 three-way tipper trailers

1990 r.

Single axle trailer
T-117 three-way tipper
Trailer on the "Tandem-wishbone" chassis
Dumper monocoque T-110

1992 r.

Manure spreader on the "Tandem-wishbone" chassis N-221
Skid mower mounted on the Z-008 tractor
Trailers for transporting straw bales - three-axle type "A" and two-axle type "B"

1993 r.

Two-axle trailers

T-169 three-way tippers

Single-axle spreaders N-245

Two-axle trailers

T-149 three-way tippers

1994 r.

Mounted fertilizer spreader N-045

Two-axle mixer wagon T-172

Single-axle spreaders N-248

1995 r.

Z-993 bottom-drive rotary mower

1996 r.

Single-axle trailer for transporting animals Kurier-6

Loader-copier mounted on the T-397 tractor

1997 r.

Trailer on a sprung chassis "Tandem" for transporting animals Kurier 10

Two-axle trailers

T-169/1 and T-169/2 three-way tippers

1998 r.

Trailer on the chassis "Tandem-springs" monocoque tipper T-617

Two-axle trailers

Three-way tippers T-104/3, T-104/4, T-104/5

2003 r.

„CYNKOMET” Sp. z o.o.

2004 r.

Opening of the hot-dip galvanizing plant in Czarna Białostocka

Manure spreaders and agricultural trailers in a hot-dip galvanized version

2006 r.

Garbage containers - bolted and open

2007 r.

Monocoque manure spreaders on the "Tandem-spring" chassis N-264

2008 r.

Opening of the hot-dip galvanizing plant in Wyszkowa

2011 r.

Manure spreaders on the "Tandem-spring" chassis N-221/3-3 and N-221/4-3

Single-axle manure spreaders N-233/5 and N-233/6

2013 r.

Single-axle manure spreaders N-221/3-1 and N-221/4-4

2014 r.

The box is mounted on the SZ-3.5 tractor with three-way hydraulic tipping

2015 r.

Agricultural trailers for transporting animals T-667 and T-668

Modernized two-axle trailer

Three-way tipper T-149/1

2016 r.

Opening of the spinning galvanizing plant in Wyszków

DZIK mini spreader

2017 r.

Construction of CBR - Research and Development Center for Agricultural Machines

2018 r.

Trailer for BEL T-608/3

Trailer Tandem T-617/5

2019 r.

Suwałki - logistics point

Environmental Protection

CynkoMet has two hot-dip galvanizing plants located in Czarna Białostocka in Natura 2000 areas and in Wyszków. Integrated permits issued by the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship and the Marshal of the Podlaskie Voivodeship are the basis for the safe operation of the galvanizing plant in the field of environmental protection. These permits impose several restrictive requirements resulting from environmental protection regulations and European Union Directives. Both plants are obligatorily and systematically inspected by the Provincial Inspectorates for Environmental Protection in Białystok and Ostrołęka. Control measurements of emissions to the environment carried out by the above-mentioned institutions and by accredited companies prove that our modern plants are not burdensome for the natural environment. The air ventilation systems are equipped with airtight filtration systems of pollutants into the atmosphere, which is under the strict technical supervision of maintenance services in both branches. Moreover, both galvanizing plants are waste-free installations.
As a small production plant in Poland, Cynkomet uses LNG gas for technological and energy processes in Czarna Białostocka. A modern LNG liquefied methane evaporation station was specially built for this purpose. This is a novelty in the energy market. LNG gas is a very ecological fuel, safe and unrivaled in terms of environmental protection. It is an extremely clean fuel, it has no toxic or corrosive properties. Liquefied petroleum gas (LNG) is a fuel strongly supported by the European Commission. In the package “Clean energy for transport: European strategy for alternative fuels”, Brussels admits that LNG is an ecological and prospective fuel.


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