CynkoMet sp. z o.o. was registered in 2003, but our tradition of manufacturing agricultural machinery reaches back to 1956. We are company with a manufacturing, commercial and services profile. Hot-dip galvanization is our specialty. Our many years of experience and perfect technique make us a regional leader in the industry.

Our services

Our services include, above all, galvanization of steel constructions, as well as the manufacture and sale of agricultural machinery. In addition, we offer machining, welding of steel constructions, painting, shot blasting and loader-excavator services.


Our professionalism, engagement and the satisfaction of our customers have allowed us to gain distinctions from, among others, Forbes, Gepardy Biznesu [Cheetahs of Business] and the Golden Hundred Companies of the Podlasie Region.

Awards and Distinctions

Thanks to our professionalism, engagement and the satisfaction of our customers, our company has received many distinctions.

Environmental protection

CynkoMet has two hot-dip galvanization shops located in Czarna Białostocka in a Natura 2000 area and in Wyszków. The foundation of a galvanization shop’s safe operation with regard to environmental protection are integrated permits issued by the Marshals of the Mazowieckie and Podlaskie voivodeships. These permits impose a series of restrictive requirements arising from environmental protection regulations and European Union directives. Both shops are mandatorily and systematically inspected by the Voivodeship Inspectorates for Environmental Protection in Białystok and Ostrołęka. Measurements of emissions into the environment taken as part of monitoring by the aforementioned institutions and by accredited companies demonstrate that our modern plants do not place a burden on the natural environment. Air ventilation systems are equipped with hermetic filtration systems that catch pollutants before they reach the atmosphere, and they are under the strict technical supervision of operation maintenance services in both branches.

Waste is one of the most serious problems in Poland and in the world. Solid waste generated during production at our company is scrupulously segregated into containers specially prepared for this purpose and transferred to companies for recovery and recycling.

More over, both galvanization shops are wastewater-free facilities. Waste generated as a result of chemical processing is collected directly from process tubs by specialized companies, with the relevant permits for its further utilization.

For energy and technological purposes, high-methane natural gas is burned at Wyszków. This fuel is considered to be environment-friendly, with a low burden.

Cynkomet’s galvanization shop in Czarna Białostocka is one of the few production plants in Poland that uses LNG for technological and energy processes. A modern station for evaporating liquid methane from LNG was specially built for this purpose. This is a novelty on the energy market. LNG is a very environment-friendly and safe fuel, and it has no competitors when it comes to environmental protection. It is an exceptionally clean fuel, without toxic or corrosive properties. LNG is a fuel that is being strongly supported by the European Commission. In the “Clean power for transport: A European alternative fuels strategy”, Brussels admits that LNG is an eco-friendly and forward-looking fuel.


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