we offer both road and agricultural vehicles made to order and according to individual customer specifications

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spreader of powdered and granulated fertilizers, a unique debut on the agricultural machinery market and in our ever-broadening offer as the first machine of this type.

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In our offer, we have prepared for you 46 models of agricultural machines, which are sold to agricultural holdings in Poland and other European countries. We have a European homologation on all trailers and spreaders in our offer.

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Galvanization - effective anti-corrosion protection. We use hot-dip galvanization in our production cycle.

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We have prepared spare parts for the trailers and manure spreaders we manufacture. The original parts we offer for sale are characterized by high quality and durability.

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Galvanization plants

W CynkoMet oferujemy profesjonalne cynkowanie ogniowe, polegające na zanurzaniu części stalowych w gorącej kąpieli cynkowej. Co ważne, ta technika nie wymaga dalszej konserwacji, a dodatkowo jest przyjazna dla środowiska. Posiadamy też wirówkę cynkowniczą, która pozwala na cynkowanie małych elementów. Zapraszamy do naszych cynkowni w Wyszkowie lub Czarnej Białostockiej!

About us

CynkoMet was founded in 2003, and today, it continues to strengthen its position on the market of agricultural machinery and on the hot-dip galvanization services market.

For over 16 years, we have grown in nearly every area of our activity, and this is best demonstrated by the company’s year-on-year revenue growth.
Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of service and the best products to our customers. For this purpose, we use the latest technologies available on the market as well as products used both in the machines we manufacture and in hot-dip galvanization.

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Cynkomet naszf

High quality

We have an advanced process line. We are open to demanding requirements.


We can boast very good, long-term collaboration with many customers throughout the country.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection


The positive results of our efforts often result in loyal collaboration in partnerships.

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