The T-104/6 is the latest trailer model in CynkoMet’s offer of products, created with farmers in mind, who value effectiveness and multi-functionality. Hot-dip galvanized walls, bottom frame, rear beam, mudguards, drawbar and swivel frame. The floor is made of a single 4-mm-thick sheet and has been immersion-primed and painted, guaranteeing reliability and durability for many years of use. The box has the width of a pallet. The massive construction, made of metallurgical sections, guarantees stable and convenient use even under the heaviest loads and most difficult conditions.

Trailer T-104/6

The walls are made of solid, rolled sections.

It is possible to open walls up or down, individually or in groups.

A dumping hole is found in the rear wall, allowing for unloading of loose materials in a stream.

Treaded tires with new tires available for sale. Mounting additional extensions guarantees a larger cargo capacity.

Homologation makes it possible to register the trailer and drive on public roads. A Y-type coupling makes it significantly easier to maneuver the machine.

Standard equipment

floor thickness 4mm;

wall height 2x600 mm;

pallet width, max speed 40km/h;

new 500/60 R 22.5 tires;

central wall locking system;

pneumatic brake system;

parking brake with crank, hitch;

hydraulic and pneumatic installation to next trailer;

grain chute with blockade in the rear wall;

12V electrical installation meeting road traffic requirements;

Y-type drawbar with exchangeable hitch eye

Optional equipment

rolled tarpaulin with frame;

discharge chute;

spare wheel;

automatic rear hitch to next trailer;

water reservoir and soap dispenser;

rear hitch for next trailer;

Technical specifications

  • 3620kg
  • 6826mm
  • 2550mm
  • 2619 (2013*)mm
  • 10000kg

Detailed specifications

  • 600 + 600mm
  • 2415mm
  • 4510mm
  • leaf spring
  • 10,8m2
  • 4mm
  • 45°/ 50°
  • 80KM
  • 40km/h
  • 1800mm
  • 385/65 R22,5
  • 1417mm
  • 13m3