Trailer T-617

The dumping window in the rear wall facilitates unloading of loose materials, and it is also possible to couple the trailer with feeders and conveyors assisting with unloading.

Additional extensions increase the cargo volume, which is particularly important during transport of low-density materials.

Thanks to the additional load on the tractor's rear axle, the Tandem driving system increases towing power under difficult terrain conditions.

Standard equipment

floor thickness 5 mm;

pneumatic brake system;

parking brake with crank;

12V electrical installation with rear electrical socket

Optional equipment

rear hitch;

spare wheel

Technical specifications

  • 5500kg
  • 7525mm
  • 2550 mm
  • 2775 (2275*)mm
  • 12780kg

Detailed specifications

  • 1000 (1500)mm
  • 2195mm
  • 5700mm
  • parabolic springs
  • 12,5m2
  • 5mm
  • 50°
  • 110KM
  • 40km/h
  • 1900mm
  • 385/6 R22,5
  • 1275mm
  • 12,5 (18,8)m3