Lime Attachment


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The walls are 1000 mm high, with a sheet thickness of 3 mm, hot-dip galvanized
Spreading width depending on the applied fertilizers or lime ~ 8-10 m
New 600/50-22.5 wheels
rigid drawbar to be connected to the upper hitch of the tractor with a replaceable eye
Axle from renowned ADR company
Hot-dip galvanized work platform with non-slip steps for easy access to the load box
Hot-dip galvanised hydraulic drawbar support

Dane techniczne Technical data

  • Load capacity ~8,000 kg*
  • Gross vehicle weight rating according to PL
    regulations 12,300 kg
  • Unladen mass ~ 4,300 kg (with covers and tarpaulin)*
  • Number of axles 1
  • Adapter + 2 spreading discs
  • Conveyor drive Wheel drive
  • Length 6,740 mm
  • Width without guards / with guards ~ 2,520 / 2,780 mm
  • Height 2,660 mm
  • Length of the interior loading space top / bottom 3,445 / 2,790 mm
  • The width of the interior loading box top / bottom 2,000 / 800 mm
  • Height of loading box walls 1,030 mm
  • Height of platform from base 1,210 mm
  • Loading height 2,240 mm
  • Floor/wall sheet thickness 5 / 3 mm

* – unladen mass and loading capacity may vary depending on equipment

  • cargo capacity 5.5 m3
  • Track of wheels 1900 mm
  • Suspension parabolic springs
  • Max. vertical drawbar eye load 3,000 kg
  • Drawbar coupling height 925 mm
  • Max. tolerable axle load 9,300 kg
  • Tyre size 600/50-22.5
  • Design speed 40 km/h
  • Minimum demand for tractor power 74kW/100KM
  • Spreading width depending on manure used ~10-14 m**

** – spreading width may differ from the specified width depending on the material used

Cechy produktu i wyposażenie Features and accessories

  • Agitators for mineral fertilisers located in the loading box and driven from the PTO shaft
  • Hydraulic distributor controlled electronically from the control panel
  • Hot-dip galvanised hydraulic gate valve with protection
  • Weighing system based on strain gauges integrated with a readable display
  • A set of cameras inside and outside the load box
  • Gate open indicator
  • Hot-dip galvanised load box welded from sheets with a thickness of 3 and 5mm
  • The floor of the load box is made of 5mm sheet metal
  • The lower frame is hot-dip galvanised – stringers made of rectangular profiles 160×80
  • Bolted hitch harnass diam. 40
  • Speed-dependent mechanical floor conveyor driven by driving wheel Feed speed depends on travel speed.
  • Heavy-duty gear driven floor conveyor.
  • Transmission of drive through a set of PTO shafts with overload and one-way clutches
  • AktivGruda active material shredding system
  • The pressure of the drive wheel of the floor conveyor is hydraulically controlled
  • Possibility to drive the floor conveyor with the PTO shaft when parked
  • Automatic floor chain tensioning system
  • Hot-dip galvanised 2-disc adapter with tilt adjustment and adjustable paddles
  • Adapter discs mechanically driven by PTO shaft 540 rpm
  • Own hydraulic system with pump, filter and tank
  • Hot-dip galvanised hydraulic drawbar support
  • Conveyor chain – links 14×50
  • Conveyor slats made of C50 channel sections
  • Parking brake with parking and releasing valve and diaphragm-spring actuators
  • Star wheels made of spheroidal graphite iron
  • Working platform
  • Design protecting the box and floor conveyor from foreign objects
  • Installations
  • Lighting installation connector cable with 7PIN 12V plug
  • 12V lighting, homologated, LED
  • Pneumatic two-line braking system with ALB
  • Hydraulic installations made of galvanised steel tubes and flexible hoses
  • Hydraulic connectors to tractor, type ISO 7241-1 DN 12.5
  • Chassis
  • New 600/50-22.5 wheels
  • Axle from renowned ADR company, full beam with 90 mm square cross-section, 400×80 brake
  • Other elements
  • Two wheel chocks placed in galvanised pockets
  • Articulated shaft for coupling to tractor
  • Parabolic leaf spring suspension
  • Bracket for connectors, hot-dip galvanised

Dodatkowe wyposażenie Additional equipment

  • Rolled tarpaulin with a foldable hot-dip galvanised frame
  • Installations
  • LED work lights
  • Hydraulic quick coupler with pressure eliminator in the hose (support foot)
  • Other equipment
  • Wide-angle articulated PTO shaft
  • Hitch rod diam. 50
  • Warning triangle (sign distinguishing slow-moving vehicle)
  • Additional display for weighing system
  • Cover for spreading road grit and salt
  • 10m wide fold-out dust covers



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