Trailer T-169

A simple system of opening individual or multiple sides up or down is applied, enabling three-way tipping.

The cargo box’s excellent tightness enables transport of all types of cereals and other loose materials.

It is available in 4-ton and 6-ton versions.

Its rigid frame, made of high-grade steel and sections from the mill, walls made from solid, rolled sections, brand-name subassemblies, new tires and the possibility of mounting additional extensions along with a frame and canvas cover guarantee safe and convenient use.

Homologation makes it possible to register the trailer and drive on public roads.

Standard equipment

central wall locking;

ladder and side steps facilitating loading box access;

wheel chocks;

three side hydraulic cylinder;

tipping system with a shut-off valve;

loading box service support;

12V electrical installation with rear electrical socket;

lightning installation connecting cable;

single circuit pneumatic brake system;

parking brake with crank,

two-component chemosetting paint materials with high durability and UV resistance;

grain chute with blockade in the rear wall;

triangular drawbar with 50mm towing eye with adjustable support spring;

rear hydraulic and brake output to the second trailer

Y-type drawbar with exchangeable hitch eye;

rear hitch for next trailer

Optional equipment

spare wheel;

spare wheel fastener;

500mm wall extensions;

discharge chute;

laced tarpaulin with frame;

11.5/80-15.3 12PR (T-169/1) wheels;

14.0/65-16 14PR (T-169/2) wheels;

Technical specifications

  • 1950 - T-169/1 | 2080 - T-169/2kg
  • 6190mm
  • 2300mm
  • 2080(1580*) - T -169/1 | 2180(1680*) - T-169/2mm
  • 4150 -T- 169/1 | 6180 - T-169/2kg

Detailed specifications

  • 500mm
  • 2120/2070mm
  • 4020mm
  • resory piórowe
  • 8,4m2
  • 4mm
  • 45°/50°
  • 60KM
  • 30km/h
  • 1700mm
  • 10/75-15,3 - T-169/1 11,5/80-15,3 - T-169/2
  • 1050 - T-169/1 | 1130 - T-169/2mm
  • 4,2m3