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The use of a rigid connection between the axle and the frame significantly increases the durability of the structure while ensuring optimal driving characteristics.
The option of choosing an adapter with vertical or horizontal rollers gives you the opportunity to adjust the spreading parameters to the needs of a specific farm.
Wall height ~ 500 mm with thickness 2mm, hot-dip galvanised.
Hot-dip galvanised two-position drawbar for connecting to the tractor's lower or upper hitch with
Straight drawbar support with collapsible steel wheel, partially hot-dip galvanised
Hot-dip galvanised bottom frame made of metallurgical 160 channel sections
New 11.5/80-15.3 wheels
Axles from renowned ADR company, full beam with 70 mm square cross-section, 300x60 brake
Two wheel chocks placed in galvanised pockets

Dane techniczne Technical data

  • Technical loading capacity ~ 3,500 kg
  • Gross vehicle weight rating according to PL regulations 5,220 kg
  • Unladen mass ~ 1,720 kg
  • Length 5,805 mm
  • Width 2,120 mm
  • Height 2,720 mm
  • Width of cargo box interior 1,735 mm
  • Box wall height 500 mm
  • Floor/wall sheet thickness 4/2 mm
  • Height of platform from base 1,075 mm

* – unladen mass and loading capacity may vary depending on equipment

  • Loading surface 6.5 m2
  • cargo capacity 3.2 m3
  • Track of wheels 1,500 mm
  • Drawbar coupling height – bottom position 420 mm
  • Drawbar coupling height – top position 860 mm
  • Tire size 11.5/80-15.3
  • Suspension rigid axle
  • Design speed 30 km/h
  • Minimum demand for tractor power 45 HP
  • Spreading width ~2-3 m**

** – spreading width may differ from the specified width depending on the material used

Cechy produktu i wyposażenie Features and accessories

  • Wall height 500 mm with thickness 2 mm, hot-galvanized (not opening)
  • A2HS adapter – 2 horizontal finger drums – hot-galvanized
  • Hot-galvanized two-position homologated drawbar for coupling to the top or bottom tractor hitch,
    with exchangeable 50 mm or 40 mm eye (2015/208)
  • Parking handbrake with crank
  • Straight drawbar support with collapsible steel wheel
  • Hot-galvanized frame made of metallurgical 160 channel sections
  • Hot-galvanized adapter
  • Hot-galvanized conveyor chain, thickness 11 mm
  • Exchangeable floor made of hot-galvanized flat sheet, thickness 4 mm
  • Exchangeable, hot-galvanized conveyor strips made of 50x25x3 profile
  • Mechanical advance of conveyor with 9-level regulation
  • Star wheels made of spheroidal graphite iron
  • 12V lighting, bulbs
  • Lighting installation connector cable with 7PIN 12V plug
  • Single-line pneumatic brake system
  • New 11.5/80-15.3 12PR wheels
  • Axles from renowned company – ADR
  • Two wheel chocks placed in galvanized pockets

Dodatkowe wyposażenie Additional equipment

  • Wall extensions (rear wall included in set) 500mm
  • Rear wall (sideboard) 500 mm
  • Hydraulic rear wall (in front of adapter)
  • New 400/60- 15.5 wheels
  • Hydraulic brake installation
  • Two-line pneumatic brake system
  • Full LED lighting
  • Articulated shaft for coupling to tractor
  • Wide-angle PTO – articulated shaft for coupling to tractor
  • Warning triangle
  • Drawbar eye 40 mm


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