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Możliwość wyposażenia w podłogę drewnianą impregnowaną, aluminiową ryflowaną, stalową cynkowaną lub pokrytą antypoślizgową masą.
Przyczepa może być wyposażona w plandekę sznurowaną, przegrodę wewnętrzną.
Przyczepa jest wyposażona w instalację hamulcową pneumatyczną i postojowy hamulec ręczny z korbą

Dane techniczne Technical data

  • Load capacity ~3,430 kg*
  • Unladen mass ~1,760 kg*
  • Gross vehicle weight rating 5,860 kg
  • including on axles max. 4,860 kg
  • including on drawbar max. 1,000 kg
  • Length 5,739 mm
  • Width 2,42w0 mm
  • Height ~2,800 mm

  • Cargo box dimensions (length x width x height) 4,160 x 2,230 x 1,500 mm
  • Loading surface 9.3 m²
  • Height of floor above ground ~710 mm
  • Floor thickness 30mm wood floor
  • Tire size 11.5/80-15.3
  • Track of wheels 2,000 mm
  • Drawbar coupling height – bottom position 410 mm
  • Drawbar coupling height – top position 830 mm
  • Max. tolerable vertical load on drawbar 1,000 kg
  • Max. tolerable load on driving axle 4,200 kg
  • Transport/working speed 30 km/h (40 km/h version with overrun brake)
  • Suspension rigid axle
  • Class of cooperating tractor 60 HP

Cechy produktu i wyposażenie Features and accessories

  • New 11.5/80-15.3 wheels
  • Walls – water-resistant plywood with film coating on both sides
  • Axles from the renowned ADR company, homologated (EU 2015/68), bar cross-section – square 70,
    brake size 300×60 306E, 6 M18x1.5 pins
  • Impregnated wood floor
  • Hot-dip galvanized bottom frame (protection of the structure on the exterior and interior of profiles),
    stringers of the frame made of C120 channel section
  • Rigid drawbar for coupling with the top or bottom hitch of the tractor, with replaceable 50mm eye,
    drawbar homologated according to Directive EU 2015/208, 40mm eye
  • Two wheel chocks placed in galvanized pockets
  • 12V lighting, homologated, rear bulb lamps, LED perimeter lighting
  • Lighting installation connector cable with 7PIN 12V plug
  • Homologated, double-circuit, pneumatic brake system with manual braking force adjustment from
  • Parking handbrake with crank
  • Springs to facilitate the opening of the rear wall
  • Unfolding side barriers, hot-dip galvanized
  • Hot-dip galvanized frame for tarpaulin
  • Straight drawbar support with collapsible steel wheel, partially hot-galvanized

Dodatkowe wyposażenie Additional equipment

  • Interior partition
  • 4 mm aluminum fl oor
  • Side door
  • Watertight anti-slip plastic tub (polyurea)
  • Coating of rear ramp with anti-skid polyurea
  • Hot-galvanized sheet walls
  • Full LED lighting
  • Overrun brake (homologation up to 40 km/h)
  • Surcharge for 400/60 – 15.5 wheels
  • 400/60-15.5 spare wheel
  • 11.5/80-15.3 spare wheel
  • Laced tarpaulin
  • Drain with ball valve
  • Warning triangle
  • Drawbar eye 50mm


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